The Moment You…….


Catch and surf the sounds of the life that surrounds us all, was today….

It’s fall, but it’s warm.

And the soft winds help the different trees, leaves, play their own melody as I walk past them while breathing in the scent of the soil that speaks of what time of the year it is, and so I search around for mushroom, but none is found, but as I walk on I find them later sliced and diced by the big grass cutting machines that left them destroyed together with that special scent that, fall cut grass leaves behind.

The dog owners, we who only love one type of dog don’t even make eye contact even if the dogs are up for a rumble and tumble in the sun. So the white, brown, and black labs are left to only ogle the two over-eager huskies that their owner is dragging away to avoid, a full-on canine encounter.

Cars pass me by, people walk and bicycle pass me dressed in all different clothes as falls summer warmth makes everyone dress uniquely different. It’s like we all got an invite but with different dress codes.

I walk so slowly that even the older couple arm in arm seems to be marathon training, but I am enjoying every moment of the walk. Slowly. Very Slowly. I sit down in different places or I just stand in the middle of the path with my face turned towards the sun just taking in and feeling the soft touch of a fall sun, and I don’t care who sees me oddly standing there as I am enjoying it too much.

People stress by, talking loudly into the phones not even noticing or hearing the chirping happy and content birds or that soft leaf sound. The stressed-out young woman carrying a fancy shopping bag from some store looks so anxious and the makeup is so overdone that she has me thinking, why so much stress? Why so much makeup? That’s a late night makeup, like a date night, but you are not heading out as that is the way home, so, what have you done? Lied? Or has something else happened because the stress speaks its own language, but who knows, as she rushes past me….

The beautiful girl that comes at me in full speed on her rollerblades has me smiling. Oh..the full on youthful confidence is so all there but her facial look is not an antagonistic one as she looks at me, no, it’s just a very commanding, a proud one, one that says, here I am! And there you are! She does a hard stop right behind me and turns around and heads back the same way I saw her come from, and she makes me smile even more as I do know something about movement.

The softness of her arms, hands, hips, and legs are just amazing to look at, this is a difficult way to move and she does it perfectly, so perfectly that I wanted to say, bravo! And as I conclude this girl is not a ballerina but an ice skater, my suspicion is confirmed quickly as she almost in one moment forgets that she is actually on her rollerblades and stops herself from going into something that looks like a scratch spin. What a beautiful sight she was, like an exotic bird when she moved her body. Just perfectly.

I walk on, and met more people and when the woman in her reflective shades smiles and says hello to me, I do the very same though thinking about something else I just, later on, smile at the Indian man who waves a friendly hello to me while sitting with some other Indian men as they are waiting for their dinner out in the garden. And by the lovely smells that waft out from their kitchen I get really hungry, but so had the person that was frying their steak with onion with their window open too.

The kids high-pitched laughter and shrieks of joy have me looking for them in the park. Like where are they hiding? It seems behind the bushes and trees where I pass some more kids later on doing the very same thing in another place as their sunny and warm fall moment of joy is so very evident.

By the end of the walk, I am filled with falls own little wonders of smells and temperature. And I am also filled with calm, joy and some inner sunlight.

So the builder with such a happy and wide smile that pass me by while heading home sets the right mood for my moment in the fall warmth today…..happy.



WALK THE MOON – One Foot (Official Video)

Walk The Moon entered my life through an Aussie acquaintance who had filmed them at a US concert when Anna Sun had just become a thing! And I even scolded him, the Aussie of course (whose Footy team didn’t win this yeaah….how did that feel R! I wonder…..HAHAAA! *wink** ), because I couldn’t stop listening to the song, like it was his fault!

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gotta risk it for the biscuit

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Though not knowing who Nicholas is in real life, as always, the public and private life of an artist is very different, he is actually on one of my bucket lists, at the moment….

On the one, can I dance with you?!

Where there aren’t many I would like to dance with….

And it’s just because of him!

His energy! And for the pure joy of dancing and having fun!

So, yep, Nicholas would be asked, to dance! For sure!!!! If there perhaps wasn’t a team of security around him! Just……

Perhaps after one pair of pants are on, and OK, a t-shirt is optional! lol



What the Albert quote says in the video, kind of but didn’t totally happen some time ago…..

So a random meeting with a kindred soul is not something that happens to you every day.

And we are so similar, the energy, the easy going, the warmth, the seriousness, the humour, and our hearts even if the encounter was in all seriousness.

It’s truly remarkable though, to meet kind of yourself mirrored in another person, but it’s also truly odd in all honesty and perhaps, or more probably, I will never meet this person ever again because of many reasons but it feels like a very special moment anyway because no matter how random the encounter was, it will always be the day I met myself and I could see who I am to others by just looking and listening to another person. It’s was truly a powerful moment if there ever was one…… 


The Moment You…..

Earlier this year when checking up on your anterior appletinis which are fine and dandy and happy and all of that…..

The nurse who came out to get me said the wrong name, my middle name, but by now being so used to being called by the wrong name, I just rose, and said: “ it’s the wrong name, but…hey….anything goes! ” The eruption of laughter in the waiting room by the other fellow women waiting for their very own appletinis check up and the nurse, is something, I will treasure as there aren’t many times you hear people laughing in a waiting room in the hospital!

And then there is the moment not so long ago, that one can’t even……

Explain! How funny it really was! The whole situation, even if it started with just giggles and then an explosion of laughter erupted by several people whilst you couldn’t stop the giggle bubbling and bursting out too! There wasn’t even chance to keep a straight face in this situation! Oh…how life can be so funny sometimes! And even if I tried to explain it to someone else, the whole situation, just some minutes after, I just couldn’t! It was such a moment you call, you had to be there! And it took hours to stop giggling, and even the day after when I just thought of it I started to laugh. It was so Seinfeldian.

Perhaps that is a true treasure or gem of a moment in life for oneself and the others who were there to keep! A hilariously and very random funny moment!