The Moment You…..

Earlier this year when checking up on your anterior appletinis which are fine and dandy and happy and all of that…..

The nurse who came out to get me said the wrong name, my middle name, but by now being so used to being called by the wrong name, I just rose, and said: “ it’s the wrong name, but…hey….anything goes! ” The eruption of laughter in the waiting room by the other fellow women waiting for their very own appletinis check up and the nurse, is something, I will treasure as there aren’t many times you hear people laughing in a waiting room in the hospital!

And then there is the moment not so long ago, that one can’t even……

Explain! How funny it really was! The whole situation, even if it started with just giggles and then an explosion of laughter erupted by several people whilst you couldn’t stop the giggle bubbling and bursting out too! There wasn’t even chance to keep a straight face in this situation! Oh…how life can be so funny sometimes! And even if I tried to explain it to someone else, the whole situation, just some minutes after, I just couldn’t! It was such a moment you call, you had to be there! And it took hours to stop giggling, and even the day after when I just thought of it I started to laugh. It was so Seinfeldian.

Perhaps that is a true treasure or gem of a moment in life for oneself and the others who were there to keep! A hilariously and very random funny moment!