George Clooney Accepts the AFI Life Achievement Award | AFI 2018 | TNT

George an old fav – and to hear this tribute to his parents, 4.01 – 4. 46, makes your heart warm because what parents wouldn’t want to hear it with these values when the world we live in is less than perfect.

Beautiful, and in the end, it has had an effect on his life and others.

Sometimes making a change is the hardest thing and to live a compassionate and giving life isn’t always the easiest, and so it all comes down to why?

Why do I live by these ethical and moral thoughts and actions? And the answer can only come from yourself.

I do know it, and I do know why I do it.

And it doesn’t make me perfect but it does give me something, that is far more greater, to my heart, mind and soul.

Someone a while back talking about how I think and do things, said “so you are a humanitarian……”

Now…I don’t put a label on what I am as, to each his own, and how we take on the world and the human beings that we meet along the way in life.

I just try to be a better person than I was yesterday, and deal with my imperfections so it benefits others in the end.

Today, tomorrow, I do not know another way to be because once you start, you see the positive effect. But….that doesn’t mean that other people treat you well or always better.

So yes, one has to know 100% as to why one chooses to have certain ethical and moral thoughts and beliefs, no matter how other people treat you.

It’s not easy, but it’s a choice that I have made, and continue to make each and every day.