Step By Step


Heat rising from the asphalt.

Dandelions in bloom, everywhere.

Thoughts go hither and thither as the long eyelashes under the cap work their very hardest to keep your eyes safe from the warm and inviting but merciless sun while touching your white pale skin for the very first time, this year.

Each step hurt as your thighs protest hard and your feet are not doing a happy dance no matter the slow pace as its been too long since this kind of training has been done.

The soft winds wash over your body like sea waves, it helps, somewhat, as does the water sprinkled on your neck, anterior, and short tousled hair for a sense of relief from the small water bottles carried on your hip while the birds chirp their happy spring song.

Pollen strewn on the ground like party strings as you pass by with your now much drier lips as the water level sinks until you only have, a sacred little amount, as the final steps home are finally taken, after a mile, with a now seriously tired, aching body and feet with a somewhat sunburned skin, and with a now added headache, it’s safe to say that spring training has started all over again….



Clattering And Swishing….


Sounds of shoes on the pavement. Voices that float in the air in soft tones and crescendos. Paws digging deep into the sand. Paws meeting and greeting the waves as one dog invites another with a red ball in its mouth, ready to play.

The sun warming up the winter skin, almost burning the tender eyelid skin while children play on the beach, one even trying to throw sand in your face, forgetting, that he actually doesn’t know you, and when his tiny hands and arms can’t reach its mark, it leaves you with a smile. Nice try and better luck next time little miniature rascal as wave after wave touches the shoreline while within the temporary fog, the humming and drumming of the engines of the passing cargo ships make themselves known.

The black pants getting slowly heated up by the sun and the humid sand not helping much but the IKEA blanket does somewhat as the canoes silently pass by, cutting and slicing the water with each touching stroke while some reading takes place as Sunday by the sea floats by easy like the soft chill breeze touches your skin.



He Sang….


“ Bless my heart, I have never ever….” in such a warm, loving and inviting way.

The vocals were perfect and the vibrato too. And…

He made my heart beat faster by just hearing him sing because, what a voice!

Like butter!

The thing is…

It happened in a dream.

My dream this morning.

This very morning!

Ohhh… it’s not fair!

Not fair at all!

I want to hear that whole song! That I have never ever heard before! And, I would love to hear him sing it!

Damn it! When you find such a talented singer, and it is in your effing dream! lol*


There is nothing I can do about it but perhaps one day I will randomly hear a man sing like this, and I go ” I think I have heard you sing somewhere else….” ( yeah….kind of in my dreams…) though…it’s totally true! A totally true story! lol*)



Ps. Damn, what a voice….